Hooray for first post!

Hello! This is Cindy Watkins, known in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) as Talia de Morales, and this is my blog for all my crafty SCA related endeavors.

My main SCA related arts & science interest is bowyery, which is the art of making bows. I prefer making bows out of traditional materials, using traditional techniques whenever possible (and practical.) Fiberglass? *Ptooo!* I spit on fiberglass! Lips that touch fiberglass shall not touch mine, etcetera and so forth. In any case, there should be lots of bow related goodness going up on this page.

I love to cross stitch, and was mistakenly under the impression that it was a modern invention. However, excitingly for me, it seems that cross stitch has been around for quite some time and is “in-period” for the SCA, so that gives me an excuse to post awesome cross stich things. :3 Learning other forms of embroidery is on my bucket list as well. *sighs* So many things to learn, so little time, so many hallucinations if I don’t sleep at least 6 hours a night, so many creditors with big knives coming to cut my hands off if I don’t go to work.

I’m also a poetry enthusiast and write a good bit, though in my own work I tend to stick to free verse and prose poetry. However, I enjoy the occasional challenge of working in the more restrictive environment of traditional verse forms, even though I am terrible at scansion and meter. So the occasional poem will probably be forthcoming. 🙂


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